key 01 - Ch 1 C F Martin Guitar Company Framing a Good...

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Ch. 1 C. F. Martin Guitar Company Framing a Good Decision 1. How do you think good decision-making has contributed to the success of this business? The decisions that have been made are carefully considered, and tied to the fundamental philosophy of the company. It is a privately held company so that the immediate stakeholders are more limited than would be the case in a publicly held firm. It is clear the company gathers customer information and participates in programs that are socially responsible. 2. A decision to move into a new market as Chris did is a major decision. How could he have used the decision-making process to help make this decision? It is clear that Chris used the eight-step decision-making process in reaching the decision to enter this new market. The problem is two-fold: the reduction in the supply of choice woods and the fact that 65 percent of the guitar market is in the under $800 price range. It is clear also that Chris applied decision criteria that are consistent with the company’s
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key 01 - Ch 1 C F Martin Guitar Company Framing a Good...

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