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4 - C H A P T E R F O U R Managing in a Global Environment...

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C H A P T E R F O U R Managing   in a Global  Environment 4 Chapter Outline Who Owns What? What’s Your Global Perspective? Understanding the Global Environment Regional Trading Alliances European Union North American Free Trade  Agreement Association of Southeast Asian  Nations Other Trade Alliances The World Trade Organization Doing Business Globally Different Types of Global Organizations How Organizations Go Global Managing in a Global Environment The Legal-Political Environment The Economic Environment The Cultural Environment Individualism versus Collectivism Power Distance Uncertainty Avoidance Quantity versus Quality of Life Long-term and short-term orientation The GLOBE Framework for  Assessing Cultures Global management in Today’s World T his chapter explores the opportunities and challenges managers face in managing in a global environment. Managers in all types and sizes of organizations must be prepared to monitor changes in the global environment. For instance, the store managers at Zara’s (European clothing retailer) have positioned the company for continued global success. Lorena Laba, Zara’s director of logistics, runs the five million square- foot building from where all of the company’s clothing is shipped to its worldwide retail outlets. As Zara continues to open new stores on a global scale, Lorena will have to work closely with suppliers and in-store personnel from different cultures. The Zara example illustrates that the global marketplace presents opportunities and challenges for managers. 46
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Many PowerPoint Slides, including both original text art and newly created images, have been developed and are available for you to coordinate with Chapter 4 materials presentation. ANNOTATED OUTLINE 1. WHO OWNS WHAT? You might be surprised to find that a number of companies familiar to us are foreign owned. And, you might also be surprised at the number of well-known companies that derive more than half of their revenues from global operations. Self-Assessment Library Career in Global Management? Self-Assessment #46, “Am I Well-Suited for a Career as a Global Manager?” is designed to show students what their cultural attitudes are. Encourage your students to view this exercise as a window into their cultural sensitivity. Various experts have indicated that employees will need a certain degree of cultural sensitivity if they’re going to succeed in the global economy. Once students have completed the exercise, you might want to generate some class discussion with the following questions: n Were you surprised at your score? Why or why not? n What career implications do you think your score on this exercise might have?
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