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Unformatted text preview: Case study chap1 Youre Fired! The Apprentice and Donald Trump Youre fired! Two words that no one wants to hear. But those two words are heard at the end of the hit new show, The Apprentice. The Apprentice stars CEO-extraordinaire, Donald Trump. The show is a success, and is based on the premise that sixteen contestants compete for a position in Trumps organization as his Apprentice, for an annual salary of $250,000. Each week the contestants work in teams to compete against each other through business issues based around marketing, sales, finance, etc. The winning team receives a reward from The Donald, while the losing team sees one of their team members fired by Mr. Trump. Trump put his reputation and assets on the line for the show, and some critics thought the show would portray Trump as a publicity-seeker and encourage contestants to succeed at all costs. Critics also thought the show might demoralize many of Trumps current employees, causing them to lose respect and trust for the companys leaders. Trumps response; I dont worry about them. I pay them a lot of money. Trump has proven naysayers wrong, and has accomplished something one may not be able to put a value on---an hour-long prime-time commercial for Trump himself and the Trump organization. And, other companies are paying upwards of a million dollars just to advertise on the show. Is Donald Trump a genius? Has he been successful by doing things outside of the box? Once again it appears so. And both the Trump Organization and Trump are winning. Questions: 1. What management roles does Donald Trump demonstrate in 1) leading his company; and 2) relationships to employees. Cite examples. Answer Students responses will be unique but should address the following principles. Planning encompasses defining an organization's goals, establishing an overall strategy for achieving those goals, and developing comprehensive plans to integrate and coordinate. So he needs to create strategies that will address each challenge, including having a vision of how to take advantage of the real estate and luxury markets. Organizingdetermining what tasks are to be done, who is to do them, how the tasks are 1 to be grouped, who reports to whom, and where decisions are to be made. He has chosen to hire high-quality people, and has assigned them to the positions they are best suited for. Leading involves motivating employees, directing the activities of others, selecting the most effective communication channel, or resolving conflicts among members. He has worked to intentionally create a work environment that removes barriers for employees and promotes enthusiasm. Controllingensures that things are going as they should, a manager must monitor performance. Actual performance must be compared with the previously set goals....
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20070917100514609 - Case study chap1 Youre Fired! The...

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