11-12-02 gild age 1820-cleavland

11-12-02 gild age 1820-cleavland - iii. merit system 1. u...

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1. gild age 1820-1895 a. mark twian b. def c. politics i. dem-south ii. rep-far notrh 1. up till regan d. time of reformers i. concerns 1. walth 2. bribes 3. voter fruad a. stuff ballet e. 1830 jakson i. spoils system 1. if u helped pres he apoint u 2 something f. 1870-intro of patroniage i. bribery more so g. early reform i. rethford b hays 1877 ii. elected as a reform prez 1. after grant- very cropt
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Unformatted text preview: iii. merit system 1. u good u g et iv. 2 nd term not eleced h. 1881- james garfeild i. take a test and if u pass u get job ii. killed i. 1881 chester aruter i. vice prez ii. has a mind iii. pass pendelton act a. sets up people 2 make tetst j. 1887 cleavland i. icc set up 596 1-2...
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