115-02 Life in america

115-02 Life in america - i wated 2 kick out imgarants due 2...

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Life in america 1. citys a. ethnic cities i. gettos 2. jobs a. friends or family got them 3. america discriped as melting pot a. by israle zagwill’s play b. mixed all things up 4. peple asimalate a. become part of a cultre b. easier 4 kids since they don’t know other way 5. amrincs reaction 2 imagration party a. no nothing party i. all they say is no noth since true b. nativies
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Unformatted text preview: i. wated 2 kick out imgarants due 2 the hamarket riot and an arcists 1. they would be scabs c. 1882-chinese exclition act i. no chinese 4 10 years d. 1887-anna protive asoctioan i. wanted laws passed2 lmit e. 1922- national orgians act i. sets up a quota 1. took 1890 census, lolny as many people as had beeen then...
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