beit hmikdahs

beit hmikdahs - Throughout his life Dovid pleaded with God...

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Throughout his life Dovid pleaded with God to allow him to build him a permanent resting place FOR WHAT . Dovid had gone out to combat in his life and therefore God promised him that even though he could not build this resting place,his son would. Finally that day came, and Shlomo, Dovid’s son, becmae king and built Hashem’s permanent resting place. The Beit ha Mikdash was a beautiful building, filled with many miracles. The entire Beit ha Mikdash’s area was five hundred amos by five hundred amos. That might seem large, but the main building was only 60 amos long, 20 amos wide, and 30 amos (or about seven stories) high,. That building was split into two. The western 20 amos were the kodesh ha kedoshim, while the other 40 amos were the kodesh. These measurements, except for the height, were twice that of the Mishkan. Surrounding the Beit ha Mikdash there were other buildings. Among them there was the antechamber on the eastern side. This was 10 amos long and had 2 more stories than main building did, making it 30 stories tall. This was used as an in-between area for the Beit ha Mikdash. There were a set of doors to the Beit ha Mikdash on the inside, and a doors to the outside parallel to the other doors. The name for the antechamber in Hebrew is ________ this comes from the word alom, which means strength, since it strengthened the Temple by giving it extra room. On the other three sides there was a separate side structure that was lower than the other areas, but still had three floors. The side structure was divided into thirty-eight rooms, where the Cohanim praised Hashem. On the
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beit hmikdahs - Throughout his life Dovid pleaded with God...

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