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1 Chemical Engineering 150B Fall 2005 Problem Set #1 Due Wednesday September 7 th , 2005 Note: There are 5 problems in this assignment (see back of both pages). Problem 1. (10 points) For a binary mixture with species A and B, are the following relations either "always true," "always false," or "sometimes true"? Please briefly justify your answer. a) J A + J B = 0 b) N A + N B = c V Problem 2. (15 points) An absorption tower is proposed to remove selectively two pollutants, hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) and sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ), from an exhaust gas stream containing H 2 S 3 vol% SO 2 5 vol% N 2 92 vol% Estimate the diffusivity of hydrogen sulfide in the gas mixture at 350 K and 1.013 x 10 5 Pa. Use Hirschfelder's equation for the diffusion coefficient of pairs of gaseous nonpolar, nonreacting molecules. The critical temperature (T C ) of H 2 S is 373.2 K and the critical volume (V C ) of H 2 S is 98.5 cm 3 /mole. Problem 3. (15 points) The liquid phase diffusivity of carbon tetrachloride (CCl 4 ) in methanol was reported by Reid, Prausnitz, and Sherwood to be 1.7 x 10 -9 m 2 /s at 288 K. (a) Use this experimental value to evaluate the association parameter, φ Β , of methanol. The viscosity of methanol at 288 K is 0.62 centipoise. (b) Compare this experimental value to the diffusion coefficient estimated using the Scheibel correlation.
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2 Problem 4. (20 points) Solute A is diffusing through a cylinder shown below. Inside and outside the cylinder the solute A is held a constant concentration such that the interior and outside wall concentrations are constants, c Ai and c Ao respectively. Note that the cylinder has a very thin wall (i.e., the gap between R i and R o is much, much smaller than R i ).
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hw1_che150b_v4 - Chemical Engineering 150B Fall 2005...

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