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In this parsha Eliezer is commanded by Avraham to find Yizchak a wife. This wife couldn't be from the Canaanites, but had to be from far off Hran. Both countries were very bad and committed horrible sins like idol worship so why would Avrham make Eliezer go so far to find a wife for Yetzchak? Avraham did have his reasons though; Avrham lived in Canaan, so it's likely that Yizchak and his new wife would live there also. If Yizchak's new wife was living in her homeland, she would be close to her friends and family and way of life before she got married. That way of life would involve idolatry and other sins that the she could no longer commit if she was to marry Yizchak .If she constantly saw people she knew committing those sins she might have trouble controlling herself and not committing those sins also, so she would have to be from a far away place where she would know nobody when she got married. When Avrham told
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Unformatted text preview: Eleiezer not to get a wife from Canaan he also remembered that Hashem had told him that his children, the Jews, would be "strangers in a strange land" for 400 years. If Yizchak had taken a wife from Canaan then it would have been considered his residence. On the other hand if Yizchak married somebody from another land and lived in Canaan he would be considered a stranger, starting the 400 year countdown sooner. This countdown was really meant to start when Yosef died and the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians, but by the mercy of Hashem and the wiseness of Avrham, we were spared 190 extra years as slaves in Egypt. Just as Hashem Yesborach was so merciful to us during the Egyptian exile may he just as merciful to us now, if not more and redeem us speedily in our days so that we can all serve him in the Beit Hamikdash “beyachad”...
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