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ezra - 9 next persian king exerses a might be achaverosh...

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1. ezra a. sofar i. they intrpeted the laws 1. 1 st step of torah shr bal peah b. took care of spirtualty i. rechnout c. head rabbi 2. nichmah a. made a wall b. made a constion i. torah c. govener 3. be4 every 50 years the king would read from the torah from devorim every 50 years about kings after sukot a. kelah 4. they had no king so echiah did it 5. back then Jews used laugae of nation a. exra made hebrew 6. ezra want Jews 2 stay 2gether a. made the synogogs 7. closes tanach\ a. tanc no more stuff b. anything else called apochreafa- safer chlozaim 8. after sofrim die out next group called ansha knestet hagodolah
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Unformatted text preview: 9. next persian king exerses a. might be achaverosh 10.athens and sparta 2 city states fight 4 a lot a. they join an become greece 11.masdonian king- philip likes grrece and conquers it a. masdonia is in ugoslavia 12.philp son’s alexander a. grate genarale b. alexader the grate 13.conquers a lot of countries and inclding perisa a. persia-had judea so now they do 14.alexder coming and all Jews see it and get scarede and...
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