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1. ` a. Red Scare- a time when thousands of radicals where jailed. b. Sacco and Vanzetti trail- a racially slanted trial in which caused a furor across the nation. c. Emergency Quota Act- set up a quota system which limited the amount of people who immigrated from each country. d. Jones act- an act that grated Porte Rican citizenship in American e. Scopes trail- a trial in which a sieance teacher was put on trial for teaching the theory of evolution. f. Marcus Grevary- A popular black leader who organized the Univesal Negro Improvement Association. g. Herbert Hover- The republican nominee for the 1928 presidential
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Unformatted text preview: election. h. Alfred E. Smith- A former Governor of New York who ran in the 1928 presidential election. 2. a. Company union- a labor oragnaztion controlled by management. b. Sabotage- the secret distrution of property or interferance. c. Anarchists- people who oppsed oranised government d. Deport- to force people to leave the countrie. e. Nativisum- The felling that people have of not likeing immagrants f. Quota System- A system that regulated the amount of imagrents aloowed from each countrie each year....
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