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When the orders came on April 24, 1898 Gorge Dewy was ready to attack Manila Bay in the Philippines, he had his four steel cruisers and two seagoing gunboats ready to go from Hong Kong the next day. When Dewy set out the next day he was ready and waiting for a channel leaking with mines and if he got hit there was no where in 7000 miles to repair. Little did he know all was to get was scattered amounts of gunfire and no a single mine. Just like the rest of this war there it was short and sweet. There were 160 Spanish men killed and 210 wounded while no Americans were killed and only eight men were wounded. That was only the beginning of Dewy’s; he only had two or three dozen
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Unformatted text preview: troops on land while there were 13,000 Spanish troops he had to fight against. To add to his list or problems many other countries began protecting the Philippines. By July though Dewy had managed to get 8,500 army men together and threaded to bomb Manila. In the end the whole fight ended without fighting and on August 13 th a U.S. Flag could be seen over Manila. Down here in the caribin sea the navy has setup a blocaked to prevent supplies from getting to Cuba. To maintain a blockade the navy felt it must distroy all Spanish ships wherever they can be found. The Spanshed navy may have seemed good, but in truth it realy it wasn’t and much of it was easliy defated....
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