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1. usa has best navy execpt 4 grate britan a. called the grate white fleeet 2. hawiie a. we want 4 refuling station b. middle of no where c. dicoverd 1778 by james hook, earl of sandwitch d. he cled sandwitch island e. in 1786 missonaries come i. they bring faimlys ii. some don’t want 2 be misoonaries iii. more biz 1. sugrag f. non-natives became influence g. no relationship wit us h. make a deal i. u get 2 import sugar no tax ii. usa get base on hawaie 1. pearl habor i. last monarch queen l i. dosen’t like the ujs influace
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Unformatted text preview: j. she pass a constion k. overthrown by samule l dole i. important family l. 1900 it becomes tertory m. 1929 sate 3. china a. vast countrie b. lot of figthing between terories c. mid- 1870 china week i. us take advantage d. many countries make ports i. sphear of influence ii. olny that countrie can trade e. us wants 2 get in but full f. us says free trade ok group of peeps called boxers killed lot of peple 4engers...
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