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Unformatted text preview: CASE: Crisci v. Security Inurance Co. of New Haven Supreme Court of California 426 P.2d 173 (Cal. 1967) P33 Torts Facts a. Rosina Crisci/plaintiff/insured Security Insurance Co. of New Haven/defendant/insurer b. Crisci was the property owner where June DiMare was living. DiMare fell through the floor and suffered injuries and severe psychosis. Dimare sued Crisci’s insurance policy held by Securiy. Crisci urged Security to settle. She had a $10,000 policy. Her policy allowed Security to defend Crisci in the matter. The settlement demand began at $400,000 and went down to $9,000, of which Mrs. Crisci offered to pay $2,500. Security denied the settlement and insisted on going to trial although the evidence was overwhelming that the mental condition sustained by Mrs. DiMare was confirmed by doctors for both sides of the suit. The jury awarded damages $100,000 of which Security paid $10,000 and Crisci was sought after for the remainder. Crisci was able to pay $22,000. Crisci then suffered paid $10,000 and Crisci was sought after for the remainder....
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