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(ppt) Routine Class Matters ~ Reading assignments for Today Chp 38. No office hours today—Harry will hold Very Extensive office hours next week. Be sure to come to class Thursday for new material! (ppt) This slide highlights why tropical forests are so special. [know the points on the slide]. o High biodiversity o Ecosystem services – important components of carbon cycle. o First world countries are often responsible for the hardwood exports from 3 rd world countries in the tropics. o High population growth within these regions o Who is responsible for the protection and management of tropical forests? Some argue it is up to the countries where the forests are located The head of Brazil recently stated that 1 st world countries should provide economic incentives to protect forests in the third world. (ppt) Clicker Question answer = C (ppt) This slide portrays tigers as a prime example of the need for implementing Conservation Biology to help prevent/slow extinctions. The efforts to save tigers reflect a worldwide struggle to preserve biodiversity , but who is responsible? (ppt) Biodiversity crisis: o Rapid decreases in the Earth’s “great variety of organisms” o More apparent than ever that mankind is accelerating this process o Conservation Biology is a goal driven science that was first developed approximately 20 years ago. (ppt) Example of J-shaped curve for exponential growth equation. (ppt) Logistic growth curve Be familiar with the following for your final exam. Remember how K affects G, how K can bring G to zero? How could technology alter K? Would it matter how K was defined? (ppt) Ecological footprint = annual energy consumption per capita. o Is it important to think about this from an individual level? At what scale should we think about ecological footprints [individual people?, community? Country?] 1
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(ppt) Human population Biology as a factor …. Remember factors that influence the population growth.
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Dec2LecNotes - (ppt) Routine Class Matters ~ Reading...

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