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November 6 th Transcribed Lecture Notes. (ppt) Routine Class Matters ~ o Reading assignments for Today and next Tuesday Chp 35, thereafter Ch 36. o Prelim II results will be posted on BLACKBOARD next week [thank you for your patience ~ we have over 800 essays to gradeJ] (ppt) What we’ll cover during the remainder of semester… * Behavior: what animals do • Population ecology: relationships among individuals • Community ecology: relationships among species • Ecosystems: relationships among abiotic and biotic components of the biosphere • Conservation: biology and us (ppt) Read the Intro Essay for Chp 35 (ppt) Various approaches to the study of behavior: Psychology emphasizes lab experiments, focuses on the role of experience (especially learning), and has as a major goal understanding human behavior. Behavioral ecology or sociobiology emphasizes the ecological causes and consequences of behavior—especially social behavior —and is the basis of “evolutionary psychology.” Ethology emphasizes field observations, naturalistic experiments, and innate behavior patterns Its founders—Niko Tinbergen, Karl von Frisch, and Konrad Lorenz —received the 1973 Nobel Prize in Medicine. (ppt) Tinbergen is well known for four questions he formulated to study animal behavior. 1. How is behavior controlled? 2. How does it develop in an individual (e.g. innate vs experimental behavior) 3. What is the ecological role of the behavior? 4. How has behavior evolved over time? o Gordon Burghardt [Harry’s Major Prof in Grad school] posed a 5 th question : o 5 th Ques = What are the private experiences of animals? 1
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November 6 th Transcribed Lecture Notes. KNOW THE FOLLOWING PANELS FOR FINAL (ppt) How is behavior Controlled? 1.
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November_6_LecNotes - November 6th Transcribed Lecture...

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