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October 21 st Lecture Notes. (ppt) Routine Class Matters ~ Reading assignments for Today: Chp 13 Intro essay through 13.10 and 13.11 to end for Thursday. Our goal is to provide the background information needed to examine evolution. Two weeks from today ~ Prelim 2 [Nov 4 th . Covers deuterostomes, genetics and evolution up through Oct 30 th (ppt) Outline of our coverage of Evolution… 1. Discovery and evidence for evolution 2. Natural selection as an evolutionary process 3. Speciation and macroevolution 4. Human evolution (ppt) th century western civilization changing views Literal Biblical accounts: earth is about 6,000 years old, species were created separately (also the earth is flat, the sun rotates around the earth, and so forth) Challenging discoveries of science and exploration: geological processes, description of many new species, and fossils!! By the mid-18th century it was becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile new observations with accepted explanations. .. And what is that frog doing? (ppt) What were the responses to these discoveries? Georges Cuvier —cycles of creation and catastrophe (“catastrophism”) Jean Baptiste Lamarck —evolutionary change and inheritance of acquired characteristics [not currently accepted ] (ppt) Important contributions to our understanding of Evolution. Charles Darwin —voyage of the Beagle at age 22, then no more field work, a relatively privileged life, obsessed with credit Alfred Russel Wallace —many years of field work in South America and Indo- Australian region, working class, deferred to Darwin o
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Oct21LecNotes - October 21st Lecture Notes. (ppt) Routine...

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