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October 28 th Lecture Notes Taken by Dr Balko (ppt) Routine Class Matters ~ Reading assignments for Today - Chp 14 Prelim #2 is Tuesday Nov 4 th o Be sure to check out Review Guide that is posted on o Harry’s will announce special Office Hours for next week. (ppt) READ Intro Essay about Mosquitoes in London’s subway. One example of apparent rapid evolution occurred among mosquitoes who migrated into the London underground in 1860. In less than 150 years, Culex pipiens evolved into C. molestus , that feeds on mammals and breeds year-round—and is already differentiating in different subway lines… but wait… (ppt) This slide summarizes what we mean by a Species (important). 1. A biological species is a population or group of populations whose members can interbreed and produce fertile offspring 2. A phylogenetic species is a set of organisms representing a specific evolutionary lineage (ppt) Mechanisms of Speciation ~ In allopatric speciation a population is geographically divided, and new species often evolve An isolated population may become unique as its gene pool is changed by natural selection, genetic drift, or mutation (why not by gene flow?) This so-called allopatric speciation is the most common mechanism, at least for animals ( see text for sympatric speciation ) ~ be able to distinguish between allopatric and sympatric speciation. (ppt) Summary slide (table 14.3] about Prezygotic & Post Zygotic barriers between reproductive compatibility. o Reproductive barriers serve to isolate a species’ gene pool and prevent interbreeding o Development of such barriers is part of the process of speciation. .. o
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October28LecNotes - October 28th Lecture Notes Taken by Dr...

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