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PRELIM #1 HANDOUT WHEN ~ Thursday, September 25, 2008 BRING ~ Your 7 digit CUID # for BioG Kennedy Call Auditorium 11:40 AM -12:55 PM 1109 grade posting; #2 pencils for bubble computer sheet, pen for essays, *ID LABEL *PICK UP ~ EXAM ID LABEL OUTSIDE CALL AUDITORIUM FROM YOUR TA THE DAY OF EXAM. WHERE ~ YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR APPEARING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER 11:15 AM. The EXAM BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 11:40 A.M. NO PACKS, CELL PHONES ETC at EXAM SEAT, place them at the front or back of room. SEATING ARRANGEMENT ~ Please be seated in the Rows designated to your TA Lab Instructor. Chris Bozza: Rows A-H, Left side Kathryn Bushley: Rows J-M, Left side Anna Forsman: Rows A-G, Middle Maya Patel: Rows J-S, Right Side Quinn Thomas: Rows N-S, Middle Anne Rae: Rows H-M, Middle Anna Savage: Rows N-S, Left side Danielle Stoermer: Rows A-H, Right Side DURING EXAM ~ You are responsible for keeping all your answers private. Revealing exam questions, or answers to other students is a violation of the code of academic integrity. Failure to follow the proctor's
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