Sept2Lec - 2 September 2008 Lecture notes taken by Dr Balko...

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Lecture notes taken by Dr Balko during class (ppt) Routine class matters…(reading assignments Today: Pg 1-12 ~ know information on these pages). Reading for Thursday (Pages 296-299, and 304-312). Harry’s and Allen’s office hours start today. (ppt) Class etiquette and politeness. Politeness cots nothing and gains everything! (ppt) The : Investigating the meaning of science . o Learn to distinguish between scientific evidence and non-scientific evidence What are the limits to saying something is scientific Understanding nature and the basis for biological diversity . o Allows you to make informed decisions about the environment throughout your life. [21 st Century is likely to be known as the Century of Science]. It is very likely that polar bears will go extinct in the wild during your lifetime. Examine how living things work and reproduce [emphasized during spring semester ] o Will allow you to understand your own body . (ppt) Where are we going in this class? We will review the scope of biology and biological diversity. Biology = The Study of Life. It is, therefore, important for you to think about the definition of LIFE . The following is the order of topics we’ll cover in BioG 1109 o Organismal Diversity – you’ll be able to draw the genealogy [phylogeny] of life, thus understanding the evolutionary relationships between bacteria, protozoans, algae, plants and animals). o Introduction to genetics (enough to lead into our discussions of evolution) o o Ecology o Behavior o Conservation (ppt) Dr Green’s job during the lecture component of the course is to: Teach you “skin-out” biology o o Help you to work through troublesome concepts Work through troublesome concepts and help you to interpret the clicker questions [we encourage you to think of alternatives answers—for which you will receive credit for if you are correct]. Help you to expand your intellectual horizons by
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Sept2Lec - 2 September 2008 Lecture notes taken by Dr Balko...

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