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AEM 2400 Fall 2008 Marketing Professor McLaughlin FINAL EXAM ESSAY QUESTIONS 2 of these will be on the final 1. You need to demonstrate to the VP of Marketing at a major company known for its world-leading brands that you are the best candidate to assume a newly created position as the Director of Private Label Products. As part of the interview process, you have been asked to write an analysis presenting both positive and negative arguments about whether this brand manufacturer should develop private label products. Of particular interest to the VP are recent trends, consumer attitudes and retail performance measures, as well as your overall recommendation . 2. Market segmentation is a core marketing concept. Discuss: a. How it relates to another core marketing concept, product differentiation b. How it improves a firm’s revenue c. The key steps in segmenting markets—detail is required. 3. The “ promotional mix ” is made up of a number of elements. a. Briefly describe each of the five promotional alternatives. b. What are the strengths and weaknesses of using sales promotion in the promotional mix? c. What are the strengths and weaknesses of using direct marketing in the promotional mix? 4. During the fall of 2008, we were fortunate to have excellent perspectives on marketing presented by three industry executives. Since these executives all came from the “real world” and therefore were presumably concerned with profits more than “theoretical principles,” one might observe that they could afford to ignore the so-called “4-P’s,” a major concept around which this course was based. Pick two of our guest speakers and defend or refute this observation, citing evidence to support your position.
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AEM 2400 Fall 2008 Marketing Professor McLaughlin 5. Today, the world’s financial and consumer markets are in turmoil. In China, many people are removing their money from state banks and lending it out
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Essay_Questions_for_studing_for_Final_08 - AEM 2400...

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