Chapter 2 Notes - b Have no mass c Basically tiny “bits...

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Chapter 2 Notes - Biology 8/27/09 1. What are the characteristics of matter ? A. B. living or non-living 2. What is a chemical element? A. Cannot be broken down into substances with different chemical properties 3. What 6 chemical elements make up approximately 98% of the body? A. Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Phosphate, Sulfur 4. What is an atom? A. Smallest particle of an element with unique chemical properties 5. What are the 3 parts of an atom? A. Proton a. In nucleus b. Has mass c. Positive charge d. Number of protons in an atom CANNOT  change. B. Neutron a. In nucleus b. Have a mass c. No charge d. Number of neutrons in an atom CAN  change.
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C. Electrons a. Outside the nucleus in orbits
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Unformatted text preview: b. Have no mass c. Basically tiny “bits of energy” d. Negatively charged e. Number of electrons in an atom CAN change. 9. What is meant by “atomic number” i.e. how is it determined? A. Number of Protons in Nucleus B. Atomic Number CANNOT change. 10. What is meant by “atomic mass” and how is it determined? A. AM = Number of Protons + Neutrons B. AM CAN change if number of Neutrons changes. 11. What is an isotope and how are they formed? A. Atom with a different Atomic Mass than native state. OP. Electrons A. In a native state, # of Protons = # of Neutrons, thus no charge on Atom in native state...
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Chapter 2 Notes - b Have no mass c Basically tiny “bits...

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