Chapter 5 Notes - iii Solution – Water Dye B Facilitated...

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Chapter 5 Notes – 9/17/09 Cell Membrane Phospholipid Bi-layer a. H20 Soluble phosphate head oriented out b. Fat soluble tails are oriented inward A. P-Lipids can move freely within leaflet Proteins A. Integral proteins a. Span entire thickness of membrane b. Can function as – channels, pores, transporters B. Peripheral protein a. Found only on 1 surface of the leaflet b. Can function as – Enzymes, receptors c. Example - cell recognition d. Free to move around in cell membrane 7. Cholesterol A. Steroid Lipid 18. Passive Transport a. no energy required b. Concentration gradient is required c. Things will move from a high Concentration to a low Concentration Types A. Simple Diffusion a. Movement of particles from a high concentration to a low concentration i. Particles – solute (dye particles) ii. Solvent – Water
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Solution – Water + Dye B. Facilitated Diffusion a. No energy required b. Diffusion of particles across a membrane through a carrier (Integral protein) c. Rate of FD is influenced by: i. Extent of concentration gradient ii. Number of carrier molecules iii. Affinity of the carrier for solute 1. Ex. Carbon monoxide and your brain / Oxygen C. Osmosis a. Movement of water b. Across a membrane c. From an area of high water concentration to an area of low water concentration d. Hemolysis – rupturing of the red blood cells e. Hypotonic – lower particle concentration or higher water concentration than body i. Water moves into cell f. Hypertonic – has a higher particle concentration or lower water than body g. Crenation – Shrinkage of cell h....
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Chapter 5 Notes - iii Solution – Water Dye B Facilitated...

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