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a dolls house dude - The Spider Dance No Italian wedding or...

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The Spider Dance No Italian wedding or celebration would be complete without the rhythmic song and dance of the tarantella. Legend states that between the 15th and 17th centuries an epidemic of tarantulas swept through the town of Taranto in southern Italy. The dance was named after this spider, whose poisonous bite was mistakenly believed to cause tarantism, an uncontrollable urge for wild dancing. The cure prescribed by doctors was for the sufferer to dance to exhaustion. In Ibsen’s A Doll’s House protagonist Nora undergoes ridicule and belittlement from male characters. To escape this prison, Nora must overcome her own insecurities as well as inferior female gender roles from Victorian society. In A Doll’s House , the dance of the tarantella represents a freed Nora who attempts to escape from the clutches of patriarchal domination. From early scenes within the play, we find that Torvald, Nora’s husband, appears to be nonchalantly controlling everything Nora does. He refers to her in obsessive childlike ways, calling her a “squirrel” and a “featherhead” (1768). He also limits what she eats and how much money she is allowed to receive. As the play progresses, Torvald’s attitude grows more controlling and becomes more obvious. This is shown in the way Torvald reacts to Nora's common offbeat tarantella dance movements. Torvald plays the piano for Nora initially to practice, but becomes so frustrated with Nora's dancing that he abandons his tune and attempts to re-teach Nora the dance. This simple confrontation reflects the main action; Torvald is the one who provides Nora with music and who had previously taught Nora how to dance, just like he is the one who gives her a home and has sculpted her into his ideal wife through abused control. Nora cannot dance rhythmically to Torvald's song because both her lies and Torvald's strong belief in appearances have disrupted the harmony of their relationship. In order to look pleasing for Torvald, Nora must get a fashionable dance costume for the upcoming party. After becoming angry at Nora for raising her voice, Torvald begins to discuss
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his plans for how Nora should look. “…I must think about your costume, too. And it just so happens that I may have something ready…” (1771). In common situations of the day, a woman would be allowed to make or buy her own costume. In this case, Torvald’s dominant personality comes out as he picks out a costume for her. While this may not stand out as something
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a dolls house dude - The Spider Dance No Italian wedding or...

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