belljar1 - Sexual Confusion Since the prehistoric era,...

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Sexual Confusion Since the prehistoric era, humans and animals alike have used and been confused by the art of sexuality. Sex must occur in order to retain the population of living organisms in our world, but due to unwritten rules and constant exploitation, sex is much more complicated than our biology textbooks suggest. In The Bell Jar , by Sylvia Plath, protagonist Esther Greenwood experiences much anxiety and pressures from the differing ways in which sexuality is presented to her. The society that Esther lives in does not help matters, as the early fifties are known in history as a time of sexual repression. In The Bell Jar , sexuality is presented in differing ways through the characters Doreen and Betsy, Lenny Shepherd, and Buddy Willard. These differing perspectives often bring confusion and anguish to an unstable Esther Greenwood. To introduce the confusing theme of sexuality and gender roles in the novel, Plath creates a contrast between Doreen and Besty, two differing characters in which Esther associates with. Plath also places significance on the group of girls and the hotel that they stay at. Doreen is savvy, wild, polished, and freethinking. Besty, on the other hand, is filled with sweet charm, charisma, purity, and rustic innocence. The suburban Esther floats between these two extreme
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belljar1 - Sexual Confusion Since the prehistoric era,...

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