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AP ENG LISH 11 THE GREAT GATSBY TEST [100 POINTS TOTAL] NAME: ___________________________________________ CLASS _________ DIRECTIONS: FILL IN THE BUBBLE AND CIRCLE THE CORRECT LETTER (A,B,C,D) TO ANSWER TO EACH QUESTION. [25 POINTS TOTAL] 1. Why does Tom hit Myrtle at his apartment in New York City? (A) Because she refuses to see him anymore (B) Because she asks him to divorce his wife (C) Because she taunts him about Daisy (D) Because she flirts with Nick 2. Where is Gatsby’s mansion located? (A) East Egg (B) Park Avenue (C) West Egg (D) Brooklyn 3. Where does Gatsby’s reunion with Daisy take place? (A) By the pool (B) At Nick’s house (C) At the golf tournament (D) At the yacht race 4. In what year is The Great Gatsby set? (A) 1925 (B) 1924 (C) 1923 (D) 1922 5. Where were Nick and Tom educated? (A) Yale (B) Brown (C) Princeton (D) Dartmouth 6. What is Jordan Baker’s occupation? (A) Softball pitcher (B) Secretary (C) Philanthropist (D) Golfer 7. When he renews his acquaintance with Daisy at Nick’s house, what does Gatsby knock off of the mantle? (A) Nick’s pipe (B) A clock (C) Jordan’s golf trophy (D) Daisy’s picture
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8. What is Nick’s home state? (A) North Dakota (B) Minnesota (C) Wisconsin (D) Florida 9. Why did Gatsby drop out of college? (A) He had an offer to go into the copper business with Dan Cody (B) He and Daisy were getting married, and he needed a job (C) He wanted to study Russian, but his college did not offer it (D) He was humiliated by having to work as a janitor to pay his tuition 10. Which millionaire hired the young Gatsby as an assistant? (A) Cody Baker (B) Clint McGowan (C) Hank McGowan (D) Dan Cody 11. Where is the valley of ashes? (A) Between West Egg and New York City (B) Between East Egg and West Egg (C) Between Death Valley and the Salinas Valley (D) Between Greenwich Village and Hell’s Kitchen 12. Who among the following comes to Gatsby’s funeral? (A) Gatsby’s father
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