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c Lecture 3, Sept 8 Europe and America Compared E Is there a European Model? I Garton Ash, Europe as Not-America G Regulated Markets R Less inequality L Social protection S Leisure over income L Negotiation over force N How does the US differ? H Individualism I Smaller state role? S More violence? M More people in prison M More guns Are the two systems Converging? Baldwin, A Narrowing Atlantic? Alesina and Glaeser, Race and Redistribution Alesina and Giavazzi, Reform or Decline Baldwin says yes, citing inequality and poverty, health care even, family benefits even if tax credits count, etc. “The American welfare state is more extensive than often realized: the total social policy effort of the US falls precisely in the centre of the European scale.” But about redistribution, transferring resources from the well off to the poor? US does less. Why? Alesina and Glaeser say race accounts for at least half of the gap. See table 6.1 and figures 6.1-4 See Alesina and Giavazzi, figure 1.1 S Lecture 4, Sept. 10 Europe and America Compared See Alesina and Giavazzi, figure 1.1 Is the European Model Doomed? Alesina and Giavazzi say yes unless fundamental reforms are taken. Demographic crisis See figure 2.1 Not enough investment in new technology Don’t work hard enough See figure 3.1, table 3.1 Irrational immigration policy Spending is reducing growth See figure 3.2 Inflexible labor markets
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See figure 3.3, 3.5 Lecture 5, 6 Sept. 15-17 The Rule of Law Constitutions and Courts T I. The Role of Constitutions a. All Western democracies have constitutions although UK's is only partially written b. Some are of recent vintage: Greece, Spain, Portugal in the 70s, France in 1958, Germany in 1949 The new democracies of EC Europe more recent. See c. Amendment procedures vary but generally easier than in the USA and can include referendum, legislation, or combinations of the two r II. Legal systems a. Broad distinction between the British/American common law and the continental civil law systems b. Adversarial (or contest) vs. inquisitorial (or official inquiry) c. Adversarial: jurors are decisionmakers, exercise discretion, attachment to oral evidence Inquisitorial: career judiciary, rigid rules, official documentation I Judicial Review in Western Europe 1. No judicial review Britain House of Lords (Law Lords) serve as court of last resort 2. Non-binding, prospective oversight of legislation (abstract) Sweden Supreme Ct, with no judicial review Law Council (3 from Sup Ct plus 1 from Supreme Admin. Ct) Any proposed legislation concerning civil or criminal law must be reviewed before formal submission to Parl. Recs not legally binding but custom requires a legislative response. 3. Binding, prospective oversight of legislation (abstract)
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Slides from class - Lecture 3 Sept 8 Europe and America...

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