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LEC 06 CONCENTRATION - Toupadakis CHEM 2B Ways of...

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Toupadakis CHEM 2B Ways of Expressing Concentration Unit Definition Equation Molarity (M) moles of solute  in 1 L solution  moles of solute       Μ  = Liters of Solution Molality (m) moles of solute  in 1 Kg of solvent moles of solute       m = Kilograms of solvent  pX Negative common logarithm of  the concentration of  Χ  in  molarity pX = - log[X] % (m/m) Grams of solute  in 100 grams of solution                         gr of solute % (m/m) =                                    х  100%                        gr of solution  % (m/V) Grams of solute  in 100 cm 3  of solution    gr of solute % (m/V) =                                    х  100%    cm 3  of solution % (V/V) cm 3  of solute  in 100 cm 3  of solution     cm 3  of solute
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