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1(a). Find all the pure strategy equilibria of the following game. 1(b). Find the mixed strategy equilibrium of the same game. R L R (4,3) (6,2) L (0,2) (8,0) 2. You and I are to play the following game. It starts with 3,657 pennies in the middle of the table. Each time someone moves, he/she must take a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 9 pennies. We alternate turns, and whoever picks up
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Unformatted text preview: the last pennies wins the game. You get to go first. If we both play optimaly, who will win? ± 1 2 2 ± ± L R l l r r 1: 4 1 3 3 2: 4 2 2 4 3a) Solve the above game by backward induction. b) Write this game in normal form. c) Find all equilibria of the game. Show whether or not each is subgame perfect. . 1...
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