ST512 Lab 6

ST512 Lab 6 - ST512 Assignment 6 Due Date: October 26....

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Page 1 of 5 ST512 Assignment 6 Due Date: October 26. Assignment Goal: Use PROC GLM to analyze data from a two-way factorial design. The data used in this lab are from a study reported by Pappas and Mitchell ( Plant, Cell and Environment 1985) that examined two factors that might influence the growth of soybean plants. Soybean growth was measured by the total area of the leaves (in cm 2 ) of each plant. The first factor considered was the amount of light to which the plants were exposed (low or moderate). The second factor considered was mechanical stress. Some of the plants were stressed by shaking for 20 minutes twice daily, while others were used as a control group and not shaken. Soybean seedlings were randomly assigned to each of the combinations of factors (13 to each). After 16 days the plants were harvested and the leaf area determined. Use SAS to create a data set called ‘soybean’. You can find the data on the J drive and use the command data soybean; infile "J:\.eos\courses\st\st512\www\lec\001\data\soybean.txt" firstobs = 2 ; input area stresstrt$ light$ trt$; run ; in your data step to open this file. ; Use a PROC PRINT to insure that your data are reasonable before you move on to the next step. Examine the data: The first step in analyzing these data is to produce an interaction plot. Use the following SAS commands to do so. /* sort the data */ proc sort data =soybean; by stresstrt light; /* compute the means for each treatment combination */ proc means data =soybean; by stresstrt light; output out =soymean mean =areamean; run ; /* now produce the plot */ symbol1 color =black interpol =join line =
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ST512 Lab 6 - ST512 Assignment 6 Due Date: October 26....

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