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ST512 Lab 4 key - with nicotine is not significant in the...

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Page 1 of 2 ST512 Assignment 4. Questions KEY 1. a. One data point has cosniderably higher tar, nicotine, weight, and CO than the others. (There is also a data point that has considerably lower tar, nicotine, weight, and CO. although this data point is not as aberrant as the other.) b. Tar and nicotine are strongly correlated. 2. Bull Durham 3. l 1 β = 0.888 2 ˆ s = 3.25 s ε = 1.16 4. Answers may vary slightly due to rounding Source df SS MS F p Model 3 386.8 128.9 95.86 <0.0001 Error 20 26.9 1.35 Total 23 413.7 5. (0.48, 1.30) 6. 10.6. 7. Predictor Partial regression coefficients SLR slopes Estimate Std. Error Estimate Std. Error tar 0.888 0.196 0.928 0.053 nicotine 0.519 3.252 14.86 1.25 weight 2.079 3.178 16.56 10.82 8. Using everyday language, explain why the partial regression coefficient associated
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Unformatted text preview: with nicotine is not significant in the multiple regression model, whereas the SLR slope is statistically significant. In these data, tar, nicotine and CO content are all strongly associated with each other. If we ignore the tar content, then there is a significant relationship between nicotine and CO (thus the SLR slope is significant). If we control for the relationship between tar and CO, then there is no remaining relationship between nicotine and the leftover variation in CO. Page 2 of 2 9. Predictor VIF tar 12.7 nicotine 12.8 weight 1.09 10. (a) Center. (b) Forwards of a given height weigh 12.53 pounds less than centers of the same height. (c) 20.2...
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ST512 Lab 4 key - with nicotine is not significant in the...

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