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Page 1 of 2 ST512 Assignment 1. KEY 1. What is the age of the youngest person in this data set? What is the age of the oldest person? Youngest: 18 years Oldest: 67 years 2. Use the simple linear regressions of weight vs. age and weight vs. height to complete the tables below. Predictor Estimated slope t-statistic p-value Age 0.288 4.761 <.0001 Height 1.018 23.14 <.0001 Predictor MSE R 2 Age 170.8 0.043 Height 86.7 0.515 3. 90% CI for 1 β : (0.945, 1.090) 4. Test H o : 1 1 β = kg/cm vs. H a : 1 1 β kg/cm. t = 0.401 p = 0.69 5. Does weight appear to be a linear function of height? Yes, the regression line appears to provide an adequate fit to the scatter plot of the raw data. Does the constant variance assumption appear justified? For the most part, yes – the plot of residuals vs. fitted values doesn’t show any pronounced trends in variance. Does the normality assumption appear justified? No. Curvature in the Q-Q plot suggests mild asymmetry (right-skew) in the residuals.
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