RubricsPost4-7 - Rubrics(Expts 4 6 7 8 Physics 2CL Winter Spring 2008 Expt 4 Informal Report 4 pts Apply Snell's Law in order to compute the

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Rubrics (Expts. 4, 6, 7, 8) Physics 2CL Winter, Spring 2008 Expt. 4 Informal Report 4 pts. - Apply Snell's Law in order to compute the refractive index of the acrylic [NB: for error propagation, uncertainty of angle should be in radians.] 4 pts. - Plot m vs. d in order to determine wavelength in the acrylic from the slope 4 pts. - Compare free space wavelength (computed from slope) to that determined from measuring the inter-node distance, and comment on which method of measurement is superior (may be mentioned in Discussion) 3 pts. - Conclusion/Discussion --------- 15 pts. Expt. 5 Informal Report 4 pts. - Compute RC for the flip-coil (+ uncertainty) 4 pts. - Compute and report the mean value and the uncertainty as standard deviation of the mean 4 pts. - Plot of force vs. current*length for horseshoe magnet for current balance 3 pts. - Conclusion/Discussion (signal drift/offset may be discussed in this section) --------- 15 pts. Expt. 6 Informal Report
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