70-360-1,2 Revised P - 70-360-1 2 Auditing I Fall 2009 General Information Class Meetings Instructor Office hours Telephone Secretary Office

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General Information Class Meetings Section 1: 1:00 – 2:20 in OB 112 Section 2: 4:00 – 5:20 in OB 112 Instructor Dr. Jagdish Pathak, MComm, PhD Office hours By appointment, through email E-mail [email protected] Telephone 519-253-3000 ext 3131 Office 411 Secretary Stephanie Miller Office 425 E-mail [email protected] If you have desire to know more about your professor, you are advised to go to the cyber home of Dr. Jagdish Pathak at http://www.jagdishpathak.com. This course is elementary in nature, therefore, introduces the basic foundations of auditing in the broader perspective. The emphasis is on the theory and the conceptual framework and the procedures involved. This course also expects you to remain abreast of the recent developments in the field of auditing. This course is different from any of the accounting courses taken by you in the sense that it does not have anything to calculate. Here, you will learn conceptual framework of auditing which will be very generic and you may find it boring on times. Your past knowledge of accounting pre-reqs will help you assimilate the concepts, processes and procedures of auditing. Course Objectives: 1. You would be exposed to various important legal, ethical and procedural provisions of financial auditing in Canada. 2. You should be able to communicate auditing related concepts and recent development across the globe in auditing field through your research-based writing. . Course Outcomes Evaluations: 1. I will evaluate your achievements through class quizzes, case study assignments, one mid term and take home final examination. 2. Your written communication & research skills in audit related matters will be judged through your case study assignment and take home final examination. 70-360-1, 2 Auditing I Fall 2009
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Office Hours : By Appointment through e-mail at my address, i.e. [email protected] OR in emergency , meet me in my office an hour before the lecture days. You can also meet me immediately after the class if matter is not long enough to explain. Classroom Etiquette: Attend every class. Arrive on time. Leaving and re-entering the class is inappropriate except in the event of an emergency. Demonstrate respect for the professor and fellow students during the class period. Refrain from distracting behaviour such as disruptive eating, using laptops to surf the Web or check e-mail, and holding side conversations. Turn your phone off. Put your computer away. If you must bring lunch, bring something to eat quietly and without a strong aroma. Missing Class: If you miss a class, you are responsible for mastering the missed material on your own. Contact your classmates to find out what was covered in the class. Read the chapter, and study notes. Submission Date:
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70-360-1,2 Revised P - 70-360-1 2 Auditing I Fall 2009 General Information Class Meetings Instructor Office hours Telephone Secretary Office

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