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Study Guide test 3 - Insular Art History What is Insular...

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Insular Art History What is Insular Art? Art that’s created on an island What time period is the Illuminated Manuscript Lindisfarne Gospel created in? The Dark Ages, loss of all of Rome’s artistic knowledge after it’s sacking after sacking of Rome, all communities under Rome are free to go as they please so they are migrating around Europe trying to find their home turf, establish the Europe that we are familiar with The Great Migration Hierarchy established in Europe, Economic and Political system where peasants work for the lords and in return the Lords provide the peasants with protection Feudalism Who was the most powerful person in Britain? The Pope Who is Lindisfarne’s most famous bishop? Cuthbert - arrives in the mid 7 th century, very well loved by the North Umbrian’s, when dies named a saint. Legend has it that when he died he had an illuminated manuscript. What Bishop follows Lindisfarne’s most famous bishop? Eadfirth Lindisfarne Gospels What is vellum? Dried processed animal skin What does Gospels mean? “the good word” What is the order of the pages in the Gospel? Cover, Canon table, Evangelist Page, carpet page, initial page, actual gospel Who are the 4 Evangelists and what does Evangelist mean? one who brings the good word. Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. The 3 Evangelists that talk about Christ’s life and what they are called Matthew, Mark, Luke and is called the Synoptic Gospel What style is the cross on the cover? Greek Orthodox Explain the Canon Table Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are at top and under it tells the stories that are told in each part underneath it. Functions as an index, table of contents Saint Matthew Carpet Page
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What is each of the carpet pages modeled after? the front cover circular patterns interwoven into geometric framework Interlacing animal imagery that is interwoven with the geometric images. Very intacrately tied together. Not something that the Christians came up with influenced by the Celtic tradition. Circular interlacing design seen in their metalwork Zoomorphic Left side of book Recto Right side of book Verso What Page is opposite of the Carpet page? The initial page Saint Matthew Evangelist Page 4 symbolic figures that rep one of the Evangelists Tetramorph St.Matthew’s tetramorph and reason this is his tetramorph Winged man Primarily writes about the human ancestry of Christ, could be seen as the successor of Moses. Explains why he is the winged man, focuses on Christ as simultaneously divine and a regular man What side is Saint Matthew’s Evangelist page on? Recto Saint Mark’s tetramorph and why Winged lion Saint Mark talks a lot about the Resurrection of Christ. Lions were believed to be stillborn and were only brought to life when the mother roars. Parental figure bringing the child to life like God to Jesus What side is Saint Mark’s Evangelist page on? Verso Saint Luke’s tetramorph and why Winged Ox because he focus’s on the passion of the Christ Saint John’s tetramorph
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Study Guide test 3 - Insular Art History What is Insular...

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