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jason stevens ppr - Life's Presents Jason Stevens was never...

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Life’s Presents Jason Stevens was never looking for any kind of gift. He was the embodiment of an unfulfilling lifestyle filled with careless days revolving around a surplus of money and a group of lackluster friends. It appeared that Jason had no care about anything in the world. Upon the death of his grandfather, Jason unfeelingly showed up at the funeral late. When it came time to discuss the will of the wealthy Red Stevens, Jason again was pretentious, not expecting anything from a grandfather he hardly knew or respected. However, Red had other plans. Before his death, he had devised a plan to turn around Jason’s shortcomings. Through the help of former staff members and recorded DVD’s, Red challenged Jason to reconnect with unrecognized gifts. To motivate Jason to complete what seemed to be impossible tasks, Red promised that Jason’s hefty inheritance would come if he completely followed through on each task to the satisfaction of Red’s former lawyer and secretary. The goal was set: To receive the ultimate gift. Red chose Jason for the ultimate gift because as a grandfather, Red believed that his nephew was still worth saving. While Jason was out of touch with reality, Red believed that he could reel him back and teach him a few things at the same time. Over the course of years past, Jason and Red had drifted apart for a variety of reasons. Mainly, Jason believed that Red was responsible for the aggravation and eventual accidental death of his father. To overcome these rifts, Red yearned for Jason to forgive him. He also yearned for Jason to realize the gifts that are
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jason stevens ppr - Life's Presents Jason Stevens was never...

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