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03 Ballads and Folk Music - Anglo Folk Traditions Dr Andrew...

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Unformatted text preview: Anglo Folk Traditions Dr. Andrew Connell GMUS 203 - Music in America James Madison University European colonization French Spanish English The Ballad Tradition Popular narrative song Known in Europe since Middle Ages Sung in stanzas (usually 4 lines) to a strophic tune (repeating) especially British Isles Circulated orally Topics: war, birth and death, life struggles, romance Pentatonic or modal design Ballad Types From U.S. perspective: Imported May undergo slight variation New text and/or setting Naturalized Native Newlycomposed ballads Folk song revival "Barbara Allen": Scottish Roots Based on a 17thcentury Scottish ballad Emotional core Imported versions and variants Barbara Allen: H. J. Beeker version w/ guitar accompaniment Solo voice May Kennedy McCord version Pete Seeger version Naturalized Ballads "The Gypsie Laddie" (Scottish) becomes "Gypsy Davy" (U.S.) Scottish Lord becomes the "boss" Black steed becomes "buckskin horse" LISTEN: "Gypsy Davy" Sung by Woody Guthrie Broadside Ballads Native Ballads Often tackle issues of the day Published as sheet music or in newspapers The first commercial pop music LISTEN "The Liberty Song" Other Colonial Musical Activities Dance Music Controversy over: The erotic dimension Connection to social class Separation of the mind and body VIDEO: Step Dancing, Contradance Musical accompaniment fiddle Amateur Music Making Music industry Folk Music Research James Francis Child (18251896) The English and Scottish Popular Ballads Child Ballads (5 volumes, 18831898) Cecil Sharp & Olive Campbell Archive of American Folk Song Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians (1917) Founded in 1928 John & Alan Lomax Folk researcher as social activist Urban FolkSong Movement Folk Song as an instrument of advocacy Listen: "I Am a Union Woman" Woody Guthrie (19121967) Listen: "This Land is Your Land" 1960s Protest Music Folk Music Revival of 60s LISTEN: "We Shall Overcome" Bob Dylan (b. 1941) Civil Rights movement Viet Nam war protests Set new standards for lyrical poetry 1965, goes electric at Newport folk festival LISTEN: "The Times They are aChanging" Folk Rock VIDEO: "Maggie's Farm"/"Like a Rolling Stone"/"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" ...
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