ANT102-10-20-Kinship and Society(cont.)

ANT102-10-20-Kinship and Society(cont.) - Family and...

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Unformatted text preview: Family and Kinship in Village India Reminders Midterm Thurs. Oct 27 Review Thurs. Oct 22, 5 th floor 6 pm-check blackboard email address Today Kinship (cont.)-Trobrianders are a matrilineal society-Near Papa New Guinea, Kiriwina, the largest island-Watch what the money the women are using for-the women are trading banana leaves-sagali is the major payment for those that are dead, the more you give the more strength you have-the importance of family in a unilineal society-mothers brother What is marriage?-Not possible to define every type of marriage, but the standard anthropological definition is: Marriage is a socially sanctioned partnership usually domestic, economic and sexual which legitimizes any children born between the partners.-Marriage contains certain clear cut obligations and rights, it creates specific social rules-Marriage is usually a domestic arrangement, usually share a home/bed or meals (In some matrilineal societies, wifes live with their brothers)-There is usually a division of labor by working outside of the home but working for the benefit of the...
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ANT102-10-20-Kinship and Society(cont.) - Family and...

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