ANT102-10-22-Marriage (Cont.)

ANT102-10-22-Marriage (Cont.) - Assignment"Family...

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Assignment “Family Relationship in Village India” Today About the midterm -Up until the beginning of the course until now -50 Multiple choice questions -2/3 will be classroom material -1/3 from the readings (more questions will be on the second quiz) 1 hour test -weeks 1-6, 3-4 questions and probably more questions 6-7 on each week since quiz 2 -emphasize last two weeks material Marriage (continued) Forms of Marriage Monogamy-the marriage of one man and one woman to each other at the same time -only 24% of the 800 or so societies are purely monogamous -3/4s are multiple spouses, ¾ of the numbers of societies not people -even societies with plural forms of marriages, most marriages are monogamous (by numbers) -males tend to die at infancy slightly higher than females and they tend to die from things like warfare, male-female sex ratio is about 50/50 -Found in post-modern westernized societies, found in most hunter-gatherers and some Horticultural groups and some pastoralist groups -Occurs in bilateral and both kinds of uni-lineal descent Serial Monogamy -The repeated marriage from one person to many different spouses, but only one spouse at any given time (I.E. first wife dies and keeps getting remarried)
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ANT102-10-22-Marriage (Cont.) - Assignment"Family...

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