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MCDB 101A M2008 Exam 1 Name______ Key__ _________________________ 7/7/08 (100 points total) Perm #____________________________________ Multiple Choice: Circle the letter corresponding to the best answer (3 points for each correct answer) 1. A mutant organism that requires the amino acid tryptophan in order to grow is known as a/an a. prototroph b. auxotroph c. heterotroph d. merozygote e. conditional mutant 2. Franklin’s X-ray diffraction studies revealed which of the following information? a. The cross-sectional diameter of a DNA molecule b. The average length of a DNA molecule c. The length of a turn of the DNA helix d. Both a and c e. none of the above 3. Which of the following is critical for the proof-reading ability of polymerases? a. Their 5’ to 3’ exonuclease activity b. Their 3’ to 5’ exonuclease activity c. The antiparallel structure of double-stranded DNA molecules d. Their β subunits e. Both b and c 4. Which of the following would be true if a dominant host range mutation is included in the trans test? a. complementation will be observed b. the two mutations will appear to be in different genes c. no plaques will be observed in the final step of the trans test d. plaques will be observed in the final step of the trans test e. both a and c 5. Cesium chloride buoyant density gradient centrifugation is associated with which of the following? a. The Hershey-Chase experiment b. The Griffith transformation experiment c. The Meselson-Stahl experiment d. The Kingston-Langmere experiment e. None of the above 6. The large cloudy plaques that are seen when T2 phage are added to a mixture of E. coli B and B/2 are characteristic of which of the following genotypes? a. HR b. Hr c. hR d. hr e. Hh and Rr 7. The Shine Delgarno sequence is involved in a. Replication initiation b. Transcription initiation c. Transcription termination d. Translation initiation e. Translation termination 1
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F C A 4 1 2 D 3 E B 5 8. DNA phosphatase is used in cloning experiments for the purpose of a. preventing self-ligation of vectors cut with a single restriction enzyme b. enhancing the activity of certain restriction endonucleases c. reducing the time required for ligation of the gene insert with the cut vector
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M101A_2008Exam1key - MCDB 101A M2008 Exam 1 Name_Key_...

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