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PHI/CLA 205: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy Handout for Class 3 Parmenides (1) KRS 291, fr. 2 Come now, and I will tell you (and you must carry my account away with you when you have heard it) the only ways of inquiry that are to be thought of. The one, that it is, and that it is impossible for it not to be, is the path of Persuasion (for she attends upon Truth); the other, that it is not and that it is needful that it not be, that I declare to you is an altogether indiscernible track: for you could not know what is not - that cannot be done - nor indicate it. (2) KRS 293, fr. 6 What is there to be said and thought must be; for it is there for being, but nothing is not. I bid you ponder that, for this is the first way of inquiry from which I hold you back, but then from that on which mortals wander knowing nothing, two-headed; for helplessness guides the wandering thought in their breasts, and they are carried along, deaf and blind at once, dazed, undiscriminating hordes, who believe that to be and not to be are the same and not the same, and the path taken by them all is backward-turning. (3) KRS 294, fr. 7
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