The Flag (Bayrak) IFFR 2007

The Flag (Bayrak) IFFR 2007 - take an oath in which...

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The Flag (Bayrak) - SH (IFFR 2007) An oppressive video work about the indoctrination of young people in Turkey. The Flag is part two of a series of video works about Turkish national day ceremonies. This work was shot during Children's Day on 23 April, a festive day celebrating the forming of the Turkish parliament and the official end - in 1920 - of the Ottoman Empire. On this day, children perform pompous patriotic rituals that were conceived by the elders. With the mayor and governor of Istanbul as host, and accompanied by a senior soldier, the schoolchildren recite poems and
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Unformatted text preview: take an oath in which patriotism turns to ultra-nationalism. Screenings My Festival > Opinions on this film > Add this film to your favoriteslist Part of Combined programme > Who's In Charge (2007) > Short Film Marathon - Part 1 (2007) > Short: IFFR Award Winners 2007 (2007) > Short Film Marathon - Part 2 (2007) Part of Theme > Short: As Long As It Takes Turkey 2007 Director Kken Ergun Sales Kken Ergun Print source Kken Ergun PhotographyKken Ergun, Hatice Gleryz Editor Kken Ergun Sound Kken Ergun, Thomas Wallmann...
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