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Problem Set #8 Due Wednesday October 26 th , 2005 Note: There are 5 problems in this assignment (see both pages). Problem 1. (25 Points) In the figure below, the heavier components in a slightly superheated hydrocarbon gas are to be removed by absorption at 400 psia (2,760 kPa) with a high -molecular- weight oil. [The diagram below is for N=6 stages.] Component K-value @ 97.5 o F and 400 psia C 1 6.65 C 2 1.64 C 3 0.584 nC 4 1.06 nC 5 0.0713 Oil 0.0001 (a) Estimate the exit vapor flow rate, exit liquid flow rate, and exit compositions for vapor and liquid streams by the approximate group method of Kremser for the following number of stages of N=1, 3, 6, 10, and 30 stages. Assume that effective absorption and stripping factors for each component can be estimated from the entering values of L, V, and the component K- values, as listed based on an average entering temperature of (90+105)/2=97.5 o F. (b) Plot the percent absorption of each of the five hydrocarbons and percent absorption of the total feed gas versus the number of stages, N. (c) What can you conclude about the effect of the number of stages on each component?
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HW8_v3_KS_340_18oct05 - Chemical Engineering 150B- Fall...

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