Colorcorrectionrev4 - 10.Then, under video effects, select...

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Sheet1 Page 1 A STRATEGY FOR COLOR CORRECTION 1.Make a copy of your project. 2.Make a bin in your new project called "filter ideas" or something meaningful to you. This where you will store copies of the fi l t e 3. Put on "range check" 4. Bring time line indicator to frame you wish to use as a reference in the shot you wish to color correct. 5.Double click on the clip you want to correct. 6. Go to Windows, then submenu arrange then select Color Correction 7.Go to effects, video effects, and under Color Correction select "Color Corrector 3-way." 8.Then, under video effects, select Desaturate Highs and Lows 9.Then, under video effects, select RGB Color Balance
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Unformatted text preview: 10.Then, under video effects, select image control-> "Brightness and Contrast" 11.Then, under video effects, select Broadcast Safe under Color Correction. 12.Under Window, under arrange choose "Color Correction." 13.Once all these filters are in place, begin color correction starting with Color Correction 3-way. 14. Each time you find a filter combination you find useful drag a copy of it into your "filter ideas" folder. Once it is in the folder , For an explanation of the functioning of the "Color Correction 3-way" filter, please consult Final Cut Pro HD, Apple Profession a Sheet1 Page 2 it's a viewing option...
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Colorcorrectionrev4 - 10.Then, under video effects, select...

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