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Unformatted text preview: BUSENV 0060 MANAGERIAL ETHICS AND STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT Fall Term 2009 Tuesday-Thursday 9:30-!0:45am, 11am-12:15pm, 12:30-1:45pm Room 2400 Sennott Square Instructor: Prof. Barry M. Mitnick Office: 261 Mervis Hall Phone: 412 648-1555 Email: Course Secretary: Aaliyah Habeeb, 412 648-1529, Room 341 Mervis Hall. Course Description: The economic crisis and recent corporate scandals have highlighted the critical role of managerial ethics in business. This course will examine alternative ways to analyze ethical decision making, the ways in which organizational performance failures occur in such situations, and the means by which society and organizations attempt to control such behavior. In addition, the course will examine the broader questions of how firms manage their environments, including managing public affairs, dealing with the community, and interacting with government. Course Requirements: Students are expected to attend all classes and take both exams. Much of the class material is not duplicated in the readings, so it is important to come to class. It is not possible to make case videos and visual media available for viewing outside class. Students are responsible for attending class and taking notes. Make-up exams will be given only for excused absences, such as illness, conflicting university events (with advance permission), and so on. Makeup exams will have a different format from those given in class. Office hours are W 11:30am 12:30pm, and by appointment. Email to Prof. Mitnick: All emails to Prof. Mitnick should be sent to They should identify the class and recitation times for which you are registered both in the subject line and in the text of the note. I keep my own calendar, so please contact me directly. The Course Secretary does not provide support to me other than for course logistics, and will not know where I am or make appointments for me. Grading and Academic Integrity: The team projects have two components: Managerial Ethics Audit, 30%; Stakeholder Policy Plan, 30%. There is one first-half exam (20%), and one second-half exam (20%). CBA Guidelines on Academic Integrity will be strictly observed. Instructions for the team projects will be distributed in class. Required Readings: McGraw-Hill/Irwin custom book [called Primis by the publisher]: This book includes several bound chapters from three textbooks: Lawrence/Weber, Business and Society, 12th ed.; Reed/Shedd/Morehead/Corley, The Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business, 13th ed.; and Goodpaster/Nash/deBettignies, Business Ethics: Policies and Persons, 4th ed. It also includes some articles by me and by others. The custom book is available at the Pitt Book Center. It is identified as P for "Primis" in the schedule of readings. Note: The instructor does not receive any royalties from publication of his articles in the textbook. Wall Street Journal subscription for 15 weeks; a package for ordering the Journal Is for sale next to the Primis book in the Book Center. PLEASE USE THE ACCESS CODE ON THE ORDERING CARD IN THIS PACKAGE TO REGISTER FOR THE JOURNAL SUBSCRIPTION BOTH FOR DELIVERY OF THE PAPER COPY AND FOR THE ONLINE VERSION. You can register for access to the online Journal at . The number for registering is in your Journal packet; don't discard the inserts look for the access code!! The home page for student subscriptions is The Journal will be delivered to the WSJ kiosk on the second floor of Sennott Square. You can have the Journal sent to your home address if you live off campus, but you are responsible for managing a home subscription. THE ADDRESS FOR KIOSK DELIVERY WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN CLASS. Other Readings and Web Site: THIS COURSE DOES NOT USE COURSEWEB. Some materials will be distributed in class. Readings from the current issues of the Wall Street Journal will be added to the required readings each week; a master list of these added readings will be made available. Students are responsible for obtaining copies of the WSJ readings that have been added as required readings. The class has a course web site at this URL: Some, though not all, class presentation slides will be made available from the web site. The slides are not class notes attendance in class is necessary. In addition, some readings may be added during the term and made available either from the web site or via class distribution. Approximate Schedule of Topics 9/1 1. Introduction 9/3 2. CLASS VISITOR: BARBARA ADAMS: Wall Street Journal resources for research. 9/8 3. Ethics and practical truth. Stakeholders and the firm [P 1-23] BEGIN WORK ON MANAGERIAL ETHICS AUDIT 9/10 4. Individual ethical failures 9/15 5. Social system failures; corporate social responsibility [P 82-100] 9/17 6. Market failures [P 24-43] 9/22 7. Governance failures [P 44-76] 9/24 8. Organization system failures (Challenger case) 9/29 9. Challenger case, continued. Begin Ethical decision making [P 101-126] 10/1 10. Ethical decision making 10/6 11. CLASS VISITOR: KIRK FRENCH 10/8 12. Ethics programs [P 77-81] 10/13 13. NO CLASS CBA FALL BREAK 10/15 14. Enron: Smartest Guys in the Room (Part 1) [P127-139] 10/20 15. Enron: Smartest Guys in the Room (Part 2) MANAGERIAL ETHICS AUDIT DUE 9PM 10/22 16. FIRST-HALF EXAM BEGIN FORMAL WORK ON STAKEHOLDER POLICY PLAN. 10/27 17. Issues management and public affairs management [P 140-143] 10/29 18. Crisis management 11/3 19. Lobbying and corporate political activity 11/5 20. Regulation: Historical contexts [P 144-154] 11/10 21. Regulatory system 11/12 22. Strategic uses of regulation; administrative process 11/17 23. POSSIBLE CLASS VISITOR 11/19 24. Thank You for Smoking (Part 1) 11/24 25. Thank You for Smoking (Part 2) 11/26 THANKSGIVING 12/1 26. Understanding the public sector (Part 1) 12/3 27. Understanding the public sector (Part 2) 12/8 28. Selected cases in managerial ethics. STAKEHOLDER POLICY PLAN DUE 9PM. 12/10 29. SECOND-HALF EXAM P = Primis book pages ...
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