Market_failure_ss_Fall09 - Pareto optimality: Any trade...

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Unformatted text preview: Pareto optimality: Any trade that makes at 'Least one actor better OFF while no other actor is harmed is a Pareto efficient transaction. The Stakeholder Paradox: Consumer sovereignty? Sharehoi'der sovereignty? Some Forms of Market Failure - Characterlstics of goods rm Inn;- n'n'm' pram Agar: ' n armJu 'gmanrpraa.‘ fad-rum! Eh: ' ' ' manta} .I-m.‘ m-urafhuu. 1'31 :ngniflinrr. - Characterlstics of market structure or parforrna (:3 Ex [-5 m :J I Tr: r I s a -'.= [J D r.1. I'm-u rm 5 ' u' h I: fig; [.1 My I: u :2 L-z 51m: . .n-uusnrry' [end Marya] l‘l (Earfir ‘m' mil ‘Icr .um' I: III I'm .II I‘m-Tn? . q .15,“ |Enr.:luxl ucnlunm wanna": 1 :1I1:"l.:|'r Ina! Imnu- ml '.I::.1.".II' |-.:. - Tulipmres Lu HU'HIJJ l'uln TulLE'f suulue i|1i!ia||§.I - $09311; walrwufl value soars In H mm? il'k‘fned burial willzg'ml, :l-e wrrruuuq' I'll'e Tulip: Is mm as "mum. scarce. rcnsubslmllatlc - FulL'e: I‘lz'kfllfi swear ‘lcr Llulbs lha'. are I'Gl s'ulgrun'm 'erd' mantel: —.§;r>;|.la'.|;n rakes cwcr Imus-.u's :Ian rc Ilsl: Hum:le gai'ls 1IcI-‘1 I'uLuIes $221,111 nmsmr I14 Ina-£13505. wl"u‘| are ur cledil. whie ill rI aki’lg I'ugE IIQ-f‘is hm: ll'e lLrI'LI-l. - Wuahr 1150:." n 1mm IF'NJEI‘CFE Ig1n'ar: 01 mo :haracficmllcs IJI'L"I:I pruducL L'ul glee}; ED gail' qL'Lit weulll'. Eunflmls m: when one tam-lam aFfl‘IBMuMng Dflur; - Li|‘:u.'ifli!3,I mies up— my man! weuhll 5‘.‘ buy. - Barnr'ludllyrln WI]! Still" as Umqun trauma. (Ir llnnsllmtllL'ahlI: - Namrfl ur amedLlud deadlne-s force a remluian. - IIIIEWEI'I'KJII byguvemrnenl m filler/.‘ulaiue actor: 39: [LIES or arm: marke': WW‘V‘WS 505$ WCFUSV 00"3958 The MD .InarkH nrafllm'l'n F53? as t'fln‘e‘lrs fi'JL'rIIJ I'M! me {Ii-[319 NWT? and Mn {locravm'aslt'lyquIMl-Jy mum-tr. mmn'lw‘m'm rho mrwardaamms a“ Mo Wm: suasm. mama to mm rm 5.4mm flaunts aims NW; Fcunm‘ Fins-um Hoard Chi-marl Alan Gneenanan La”: il 'inalimal Elub-Elfil’llbé' 'n 31995 sp-tloch Bubth DHJ'm and, 20605. the Mung market. Glaerspan calls il'fl'nlh:‘ awlcs Ihu 13"m. hurlru humble bums anyway ...
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This note was uploaded on 10/22/2009 for the course BUSENV 0060 taught by Professor Barrymitnick during the Fall '09 term at Pittsburgh.

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Market_failure_ss_Fall09 - Pareto optimality: Any trade...

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