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BUSENV0060: Managing Ethics and Stakeholder Management Prof. Barry M. Mitnick TEAM PROJECT GUIDELINES Fall Term 2009 From the desk of the CEO To my staff: I have been greatly troubled by recent events in the corporate world. I read, daily, in the wall street journal, of great companies brought to their knees by questionable ethical behavior, systemic corruption, broken corporate governance and decision making systems, product choices and designs made with little regard for their horrific corporate as well as societal impacts, etc. We have seen huge losses in shareholder value, good-paying jobs, and critical community benefits. We are also a great company, and when I accepted this job on September 1, 2009, I vowed never to lead my company into such an abyss. Hence, I am directing that a special team be created to help us anticipate and avoid such outcomes. We will be undertaking, on an urgent basis, a company-wide managerial ethics audit (mea). Moreover, moving forward under my leadership our company faces potential new public policy and societal challenges. We are only now beginning to emerge from the greatest world economic crisis since the Great Depression. A new administration has been rolling out a host of new public policy and regulatory initiatives that may have critical impact on our company. And we are attempting to build stakeholder value in rapidly changing competitive, social, societal, and natural environments. We have a critical need to identify, assess, and plan responses to this new agenda for our company. Thus, I will be directing the team to also develop a stakeholder policy plan. My special assistants, Drs. barry Mitnick and Mary Mallott, will be directing this critical corporate project. They will be assisted by several senior Audit specialists (SAS). one of these specialists will have direct support responsibility for your team. Please cooperate with his or her support and direction as you would with mine. In order to proceed with all deliberate speed, I am dividing our audit and planning work into two components. The first component, the managerial ethics audit, must be posted to my attention via drs. Mitnick or mallott by 9pm, October 20, 2009. The second component, the stakeholder policy plan, must be posted to my attention via drs. Mitnick or mallott by 9pm, December 8, 2009. Thank you for your dedication and service to our company. Bob CEO
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2 Memo from Dr. Barry Mitnick: I am glad to welcome you to one of our company’s most critical projects of recent years, a project that will help ensure that our firm avoids the problems that have derailed firms in other industries. As you know, our corporation does business in more than one region of the U.S. and had 2008 revenues exceeding $1 billion. We will perform a critical service for our company’s leadership by identifying its stakeholder dependencies and its exposures to risk that result from the manner in which it conducts and structures its business, as well as the emerging public policy and societal
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MESM_Team_Project_Guidelines_09 - BUSENV0060 Managing...

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