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Wall Street Journal Assigned Readings: First Half of Course: Damian Paletta and Jon Hilsenrath, “Bankers Face Sweeping Curbs on Pay,” WSJ (Friday, September 18, 2009): A1, A2. Adam Cohen, “EU to Push for Curbs on Bonuses,” WSJ (Friday, September 18, 2009): A8. Serena Ng and Aaron Lucchetti, “Congress Takes on Ratings Firms,” WSJ (Wednesday, September 23, 2009): C1, C3. Note: This same story is also listed in at least one database as published September 24. Serena Ng, “Moody’s Ex-Compliance Head to Testify,” WSJ (Wednesday, September 30, 2009): C1. Dan Fitzpatrick and Joann S. Lublin, “Bank of American Chief Resigns Under Fire,” WSJ (Thursday, October 1, 2009): A1, A4. Ilan Brat, Jeffrey McCracken, and Cecilie Rohwedder, “Hershey Unlikely to Bid for Cadbury,” WSJ (October 1, 2009): B1, B2. Leslie Scism and Randall Smith, “Wall Street Wizardry Reworks Mortgages,” WSJ (Thursday, October 1, 2009): C1, C3. Deborah Solomon, “Pay Czar Targets Salary Cuts,”
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Wall_Street_Journal_Assigned_Articles - Wall Street Journal...

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