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BUSMIS 1060 – Introduction to Information Systems Opportunity Identification Effective mangers are able to identify ways that their work and the work of those around them can be made more efficient and effective. Increasingly, this key managerial skill is based on the ability to imagine ways that information systems could be used differently to improve working conditions and business performance. As a result, even when information systems are not the primary focus, your ability to identify and evaluate opportunities for improving business performance by applying information systems is an important component of both corporate and personal career successes. In the course project, you are working in a team to analyze a business activity, identify opportunities for improving the performance of that activity by applying information systems, and build the business case for moving forward with that improvement. The next step in the project is identification of opportunities for improvement. Based on your understanding of the business activity that is the focus of your project, your team will work on identifying ways that information systems can be used to improve performance and/or expand capabilities. The deliverable for opportunity identification includes: Opportunity identification write-up PowerPoint poster Interim project information worksheet Your team will need to turn both a paper copy and an electronic copy of the project proposal. You should turn in the paper copy at the start of the class on the due date (see the schedule in the course syllabus). The paper copy must include printed versions of all three parts of the deliverable (write-up, poster, and information worksheet). This copy will be used by the
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busmis.1060.opportunity.identification.description.061609 -...

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