Designing a Web Presence - Fall2009

Designing a Web Presence - Fall2009 - BUSMIS 1060...

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BUSMIS 1060 – I NTRODUCTION TO I NFORMATION S YSTEMS Designing and Implementing a Web Presence You are working at a firm that is offering a line of food products (sauces, baskets, etc.). The name of the business is <YOUR INITIALS> Specialties Inc 1 . Your products are currently sold through a set of local retailers and sales representatives who run tables or booths at conventions, meetings, and other public events. While your sales are reasonable (and growing), the marketing, sales, and distribution efforts would be helped if your company made better use of the World Wide Web to market and promote your products. It would be particularly useful if the web could be used to support your firm’s efforts to a.) attract new customers to your existing sales channels and b.) maintain and develop relationships with customers who have previously purchased from the firm. However, while it makes sense to use the web to support marketing, sales, and channel management, top management is skeptical of whether investing any more time and money in improving the firm’s web presence is worth it. To convince them, you need to create a prototype that illustrates how the web could be used to grow and maintain the firm’s relationships with customers. The specific requirements for the prototype are discussed below. Deliverables The deliverables for this assignment include: Prototype of a web presence PowerPoint presentation Prototype of a Web Presence Specifically, the prototype should be a multiple page website that demonstrates how the web could be used to provide customers with: Basic information about the company (name, general category of products offered, contact information, etc.) 2 Information about upcoming events where your products will be available (see Appendix C for sample events that should be included) The locations of retailers where your products are sold (see Appendix B for retail locations that should be included) Detailed information about your firm’s products (see Appendix A for photos and descriptions of products that should be included) A method to sign-up to receive company updates, information about upcoming events, and announcements about new products. In addition to implementing the specific functionality listed above, you should also:
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Designing a Web Presence - Fall2009 - BUSMIS 1060...

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