IS Use Assessment 090109

IS Use Assessment 090109 - BUSMIS 1060 Introduction to...

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BUSMIS 1060 – Introduction to Information Systems Information Systems Use Assessment Information systems are everywhere. No modern organization can operate for very long without relying on the data or capabilities provided by these tools. Yet, as long as they work, we rarely think about the ways that information systems are used in our work and organizations. In this assignment you will examine how information systems are used to support a business activity or process you are familiar with (e.g. promoting the Pittsburgh Pirates, auditing the inventory in a grocery store, or coordinating events for a campus organization). You will consider how the activity is performed, what technology is needed to support it, how that technology is managed, and what happens when those systems fail. Selecting a Business Activity or Process You will need to choose a business activity and describe how it is performed in a particular organization. You will learn more from the assignment if you focus on a business activity that you have experience with or one that takes place in an organization that you have a contact in. The more information you can get about how the activity is actually performed in a specific organization the more you will be able to figure out about how technology is used in the process. The activity you select should be both significant to the organization and specific enough that
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IS Use Assessment 090109 - BUSMIS 1060 Introduction to...

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